The Reserve at Battle Creek, LLC       Homeowners Association


The Reserve at Battle Creek, LLC
Homeowners Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes
(Board Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each month @ Communication Federal Credit Union, 950 North Aspen, Broken Arrow, OK @ 7:00 p.m.)  
Any homeowner wanting to attend a board meeting may do so with notice to the board prior to the start of the meeitngs.

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  Special Villas Storm water Board Meeting of 6-16-15

2016 August Annual Meeting  

RBC Covenant Enforcement

RBC Covenant Enforcement Process

Financial Reports

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2015-16 Approved Budget

The Reserve at Battle Creek Newsletter

Any homeowner should feel free to contact any board member or the management company at anytime that they have a matter of concern by clicking the email box on the same row of the board members name.

Board Members

                                                                               The Master Board
                            Janet Bassett                   President                  
                            Larry Falgiani                Vice President           
                            Lori Gracey                     Secretary                   
                                 Dorothy DeBorde             Treasurer                             918-806-8251
                            Donna Metcalf               Member                            1-918-327-4117

                            Karlie Pagano                Member                     
                            Ty Frederick                   Member                     
                                                                  The Cottages
                            Larry Falgiani             President                      
                            Donna Metcalf            Vice President              

                            Bill Waldorf                Treasurer                       

                                                                  The Villas
                            Janet Bassett               President                                     918-808-1461
                            Matt Graham              Vice President                             918-691-0954
                            Nancy Bishop             Secretary                                    
                            Dorothy DeBorde       Treasurer                        
                            Matt Graham               Gate Member               
                                     Jama Rush                   Member                                   918-640-7584

                Architectural Committee

The Architectural Committee is charged with safeguarding the integrity of the property within The Reserve. It measures compliance against established covenants. It reviews homeowner requests for exception to the covenants. It brings out of compliance issues to the board of directors and recommends courses of action.

Architectural Committee Plan Review Application

Michael Love

Landscape Committee

The Landscape Committee is focused on maintaining The Reserve's high quality appearance. It oversees Tree and Plantings design, installation and maintenance. It oversees sprinkler maintenance and the health and quality standards for The Reserve ponds. And, it provides a check on lot and lawn maintenance standards compliance.


Donna Metcalf                   
Larry Falgiani

        Community Service

The Community Service Committee's focus is on promoting a neighborhood spirit within The Reserve. The Committee will hold events, plan Reserve get-togethers and assist with Annual Meeting activities.


Karlie Pagano                 

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